SalesRabbit Integration (Beta): Create Instant Quotes right within the SalesRabbit app

Connect your Roof Quote PRO™ account to your SalesRabbit app to seamlessly get instant quotes for any lead in your Sales


Roof Quote PRO™ active subscription
SalesRabbit subscription and app
Admin user access for setting up integration


Measurement Reports can be ordered manually from your Roof Quote PRO portal by any user or automatically from your website’s instant quote tool by the homeowner requesting a final proposal.

Integration Setup Process
How To Use The Integration

Integration Setup Process

Step 1 - Log into Sales Rabbit, go to Integrations tab > API

Step 2 - Generate a new API Token
Click API Token Button, you will see a long text string.
(Optional) You can rename it to help identify, e.g. RQP

Step 3 - Copy API Token, login to Roof Quote PRO™ Pro Portal, go to Developer Info Tab >
Click ‘Edit’, enable the SalesRabbit integration
Paste the API Token and click ‘Save Changes’

Step 4 - Go back to SalesRabbit, go to Settings tab > Connectors (located in Sales section)
Create a Connector
Click Get Started (if it is your first connector)
Set Connector Type as ‘Web Connector’
Name it ‘Roof Quote Pro’
Skip request headers step

Enter the following URL, replacing the first part before the “?” with your website address that contains RoofQuotePRO:



Set connected to lead as ‘Required’
Set your desired Visibility (Organization wide or specific locations)
Click Save

Step 5 (Optional) - In SalesRabbit, go to Settings > Custom Lead Fields

Creating custom lead fields for will push RQP data back to SalesRabbit

Create the following Custom Lead Fields
Copy the text to the left of each arrow -> below and paste into a new custom text field in

IMPORTANT - Make sure the text matches exactly for custom fields, the internal values will show on the right side and should match the text to the right of each arrow -> shown below

Roof Data Fields

Total Square Feet -> totalSquareFeet

Total Initial Square Feet -> totalInitialSquareFeet

Main Roof Total Square Feet -> mainRoofTotalSquareFeet

Number Of Structures -> numberOfStructures

Number Of Included Structures -> numberOfIncludedStructures

Market -> market

(Beta) Product Fields  - only seen on web app and the data will be displayed in a complex JSON format

Structures -> structures

Products -> products

Sent Products -> sentProducts

(Optional) Contact Fields - store contact info back in SalesRabbit, without overwriting main contact properties

First Name -> firstName

Last Name -> lastName

Phone -> phone

Email -> email

Address -> address

How To Use The Integration

Step 1 - Open your SalesRabbit app on your tablet or mobile device and go to Sales Hub

Step 2 - Pin a new lead or open an existing lead

Step 3 - At the top right, click the Connector icon, then select 'Roof Quote Pro'
(this should have been the name of the web connector you created in Step 4 during setup)

A screen will launch of your website's Instant Quote tool, and the address will automatically be populated with the lead's address

Step 4 - Complete the instant quote flow
If necessary, edit structures or change slope, then Click 'See My Price'

Complete the form - enter the lead's contact information

PRO TIP - Enter the lead's contact info directly in SalesRabbit (name, phone, email) prior to launching the instant quote tool. This will populate the instant quote contact form with the lead's information.

Click 'Show My Price'
If this button is disabled, try re-typing one of the form fields

The instant quote will be generated for your lead
Click the call-to-action on any product to send the quote to their email

If you have Contractor Loan Pro enabled, click 'Get Pre-Qualified' to send the lead a text inviting them to apply for financing

(Optional) Take a screenshot of the quote, go back to your SalesRabbit app and upload the screenshot to Files

After a minute or so, the lead's roof data and other custom fields will be synced back into SalesRabbit

PRO Tip - Setup webhooks in your Roof Quote PRO portal to send your lead information to additional apps (like your CRM) after the instant quote is generated. Read How to properly set up Zapier integration to use Roof Quote PRO™ webhooks