How to properly set up Zapier to use RoofQuote PRO™ webhooks

Zapier is an automation platform that can be used to create a webhook which connects to popular apps like SumoQuote, Facebook, CompanyCam, Acculynx, and many others.


Zapier account (Starter tier or higher)
Roof Quote PRO™ active subscription


Automatically send your RoofQuote PRO™ lead data to other software applications, such as your CRM, through a simple webhook.

Reference:  Webhooks Documentation


Step 1 - Create a Trigger for your Webhook

In your Zapier account, create a new zap and search for the trigger called "Webhooks by Zapier"

Zapier New Zap Webhooks

Choose the Event type 'Catch Hook' and click continue

Zapier Webhooks Catch Hook Event

For trigger step, leave 'Pick off a Child Key' blank and click continue

Zapier Webhook Pick off Child Key Blank

It will generate a unique webhook URL, Copy this URL


Step 2 - Paste the webhook URL to your RoofQuote PRO Portal

Leave your Zapier page open

Open a new browser tab sign in to your RoofQuote PRO Portal

Go to the Developer tab, then to the Webhooks tab

Click the edit button at the bottom right of your screen

Make sure Contact Form Completed is selected for the Webhook Type

Paste the webhook URL you copied into the box next to "https://"

Then click Save

webhook URL extra https://
MAKE SURE your webhook URL does not contain an extra "https://" since it is already provided for the URL. This is a common mistake.


Step 3 - Create A Test Contact

Go to any website page your RQP tool is installed Or use Rep Quotes in your Portal

If using Rep Quotes, be sure the Add lead to dashboard toggle is turned on

Enter any address, click See My Price

Enter any contact info you choose (e.g. Test Lead)

Complete the submission by clicking "See My Price"

Step 4 - Test the Trigger in Zapier

Go back to your Zapier account page where you left off

Click the Test Trigger button

This will locate your Test Lead information created in Step 3

Click Continue


Congrats! You've Completed the Initial Setup 🎉

Once you've successfully set up your webhook trigger with a test lead, you're ready to connect any app or run automations supported by Zapier

Create a Zapier Action
Search and select the application you want to send your Roof Quote Pro lead data to.

Zapier Action

Choose one of these popular Actions to proceed with completing your webhook automation...

Send the lead to your CRM

Send the lead to your sales enablement platform

Send the lead a text message

PRO Tip: You can add multiple actions to a single zap to support your lead follow-up process. For example, you may want to first send the lead into to Acculynx, then immediately send an automated text message to the lead through ProLine, then create a new project in SumoQuote.

ZAPIER (Advanced)

It is possible to parse the raw JSON with Javascript using Zapier

Create a Webhook with Event type Catch Raw Hook

Test the webhook using your RoofQuote PRO™ Widget and see the request body

Create a Code By Zapier Action

Parse the JSON with Javascript and modify it as needed

Then assign it to the output variable

Add your next Zapier action, which will likely be a CRM integration

You will be able to access the properties you modified with the output variable