Zoho Integration: Send Your RoofQuote PRO™ Leads to Zoho through Zapier

Use RoofQuote PRO webhooks to create new leads or update existing leads in your Zoho account


Zoho account
Zapier account (Starter tier or higher)
RoofQuote PRO™ active subscription

First complete the initial setup covered in this article:

How to properly set up Zapier integration using webhooks

For Reference:  Webhooks Documentation


Automatically send your RoofQuote PRO™ lead data to your Hubspot account through a simple webhook.

Connecting Zoho to Zapier
Add Zoho Action To Your Zap
Create Instant Quote Fields In Zoho
Matching Lead Fields
Test And Publish
Advanced Tricks


Step 1 - Connect your Zoho Account to Zapier

In your Zapier account, go to your My Apps and click "Add connection."
Search for and click Zoho CRM.


A window will pop up, use your Zoho admin login credentials to sign in if you're not already

It will ask you to confirm the domain (optional)
Click "Yes, Continue to Zoho CRM"


Another screen will appear, click "Accept" to complete the connection


Step 2 - Add a Zoho Action to your existing Zap

Make sure you've completed the initial setup of creating a zap with a webhook trigger

Add an Action to your zap
Find and select Zoho CRM as the App, then choose the event "Create/Update Module Entry" and click Continue.


Step 3 - Confirm Zoho Account

Confirm your Zoho Account is selected and click Continue.


Step 4 - Create a Section and Fields for your Lead Module in Zoho

To store the instant quote details, create a new section with new fields for your Lead Module

In your Zoho account, go to Setup > Customization: Modules and Fields > Leads

Under Layouts, select the layout you wish to use for storing instant quote details

On the left side, click the "NEW SECTION" button and drag it to your desired location

Name your new section "Instant Quote"

Add new fields to the Instant Quote section you just added, here are suggested names:

  1. Quote Created (Date/Time field)
  2. Quote Details (Multi-line field)
  3. Roof Details (Multi-line field)
  4. Conversion URL (URL field)
  5. (Optional) Financing (Multi-line field)


Step 5 - Match RoofQuote PRO lead data to your Zoho Lead Fields in Zapier

Go back to your zap and fill in all relevant lead fields listed under Action

Select "Lead" as the module and set your layout (choose Standard if you have no others)
Select "Email" for duplicate check fields


Match the following fields using the sample lead data collected from your test during the "Catch Hook in Webhooks by Zapier" step

Please Note: If you didn't create a test lead in the initial setup, you'll need to go back and test the Trigger in your zap - this may require creating a new lead in RoofQuote Pro using Rep Quotes or your website widget


  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email
  • Phone
  • Full Address
  • Street Address
  • City
  • State
  • Zip
  • Market


ROOF DETAILS (Structure Info)

  • Total Square Feet
    The final square feet total used to calculate the quote.
  • Structures Square Feet
    The final square feet after edits to roof shapes for every roof structure on the property, each structure sqft separated by a comma.
  • Structures Is Included
    true = included in quote, false = not included in quote, in the same order of the Structures Square Feet.
  • Structures Initial Square Feet
    The original square feet detected by RoofQuote Pro for every roof structure on the property, each structure separated by a comma.
  • Structures Slope
    The slope selected for each roof structure on the property.
    Slope Multipliers:
    Flat = 1.0
    Low = 1.055 (4/12 pitch)
    Medium = 1.16 (7/12 pitch)
    Steep = 1.305 (10/12 pitch)
  • Main Roof Total Square Feet
    The final square feet of the main roof after edits to it shape
  • Number of Structures
    The number of roof structures detected on the property including any added by user
  • Number of Structures Included
    The number of roof structures included in the quote
  • Structure Names
    The names of each structure detected on the property including any added by user



Make sure each data point is on its own line to make the lead field easier to read.
For Number of Structures keep "Number of Included Structures" and "Number of Structures" on the same line and clarify each

Number of Structures: 1 included, 2 total


(Product Info)

  • Product Names
  • Products Price Info Total
  • Products Price Info Price Per Square



  • External Url (which webpage the user converted on)
  • Session Id (unique value assigned to user session)


(Product Info) - this is optional depending on if you've enabled financing

  • Products Price Info Monthly
  • Products Price Info Type (Basic Financing or Contractor Loan Pro)
  • Products Price Info Merchant Fee Avg (If using Contractor Loan Pro and merchant fee is factored in)

Step 6 - Test Action and Turn On Your Zap

Once you're finished matching the data to Zoho lead fields in step 4, continue to Test

Click the Test Action button to send your test contact data to your Zoho account

After a successful test, turn your Zap on by clicking Publish or Publish Zap button.


Congratulations!  You successful integrated RoofQuote Pro to your Zoho CRM. 🫨



Segment Ad Campaigns And Track Conversions

Segment leads and tailor followup based on lead source, such as Google Ads, Facebook, Tiktok, and more

Step 1 - Add Paths to Your Zap

Add a path for each source right after your zap trigger
Set the rules for each path to only allow leads to continue if they meet the criteria

Example path rules

  • Google leads: "External URL" must "contain" the text "gclid="
  • Facebook leads: "External URL" must "contain" the text "fbclid="
  • Tiktok leads: "External URL" must "contain" the text "ttclid="
  • Rep leads (created by sales rep using Rep Quotes): "External URL" must "not exist"
  • All other leads: "External URL" must "exist" AND must "not contain" the text "gclid=" or "fbclid=" or "ttclid="

Important: The External URL is the webpage the lead converted. This URL will only contain click IDs if tracking is set up properly for each ad platform.

Step 2 - Split Off the Click ID Text to Track Conversions

Under each path that contains a click ID (example gclid), add a Text Formatter

For Transform, use "Split text"
For Separator, use "clid=" 
For Segment Index, use "Last"

This will output the actual CLID, which is used for conversion tracking

Google Ads: Add the action "Send Offline Conversions To Google Ads"
Facebook: Add the action "Send Lead Event in Facebook Conversions"
Tiktok: Add the action "Send Lead Event in TikTok Conversions"

Step 3 - Add Zoho Action to "Create/Update Module Entry"

Complete the Add Zoho Action instructions from above, only this time include the lead source based on which path its under

Once you've created this action, you can duplicate it and move it to other paths, then simply adjust the lead source property

Your completed zap should look something like this...


Use Zoho Automated Workflows

Once you've successfully segmented your leads by source, you can run Zoho automations based on the source. Some examples of actions you can do:

  • Send an automated text message to contact
  • Auto-assign the contact to a member of your team and send them an email
  • Add the contact to a list for retargeting
  • Create a task to follow up with contact
  • Set additional properties on the record

Learn more info on Zoho workflows