Top 15 Marketing Strategies To Get More Leads With Roof Quote PRO

Use these marketing strategies to get the most leads from your instant quote tool

1. Geo-Targeted SEM Campaigns 

Create search engine marketing campaigns targeting the specific geographic regions covered by your Roof Quote PRO service area. Highlight the “Instant Quote” and “Actual Product Selection” features of the software in the ad copy. Use localized keywords and emphasize the trustworthiness and convenience.

2. Product-Specific Landing Pages

Develop landing pages for each roofing product from your selections to showcase the product's features and benefits. Embed your software’s instant quote tool on these pages for a seamless experience.

3. Social Media Engagement

Utilize organic and paid social media campaigns to showcase the speed and accuracy of the software. Share testimonials and case studies of satisfied homeowners who used the software to obtain a quick and accurate quote.

4. Co-Marketing with Manufacturers

Collaborate with manufacturers to develop joint marketing campaigns that highlight the specific products available through the software.

5. Direct Mail Campaign with QR Code

Send out direct mailers with QR codes that directly open the instant quote tool on your website. This can particularly be effective in areas that recently experienced storms and may need roofing repairs.

6. Enhance SEO with Long-tail Keywords

Optimize your website(s) for long-tail keywords like “Instant roofing quote for [Product Name] in [Location]”, “Fast and accurate roof estimate near me”, and so on.

7. Educational Webinars and Video Content

Create webinars and video content to educate homeowners on how to assess their roofing needs, the benefits of different products, and the ease of using the instant quoting tool. Share this content through social media, email newsletters, and YouTube.

8. Lead Nurturing Email and Text Campaigns

Once a homeowner uses the instant quote tool, initiate an automated email and text campaign that provides more information about the products, financing options, and encourages them to take the next step.

9. Influencer Partnerships with Local Focus

Collaborate with local home improvement influencers and bloggers to create content that highlights the tool's ability to provide instant quotes with real products.

10. Utilize Nextdoor for Local Promotion

Post about instant online quotes on Nextdoor, targeting neighborhoods where roofing services are commonly needed. Encourage satisfied customers to share their experiences on Nextdoor.

11. Trade Shows & Events

Showcase the software at home shows and industry events, offering live demonstrations. Capture leads at these events to enter into a nurturing email and text campaign.

12. Retargeting Ads for Incomplete Estimates

Use retargeting ads to re-engage visitors who began the estimation process but did not complete it, offering them an incentive to finish their quote or providing it for them.

13. Integration with Real Estate and Trade Partners

Integrate the software into real estate and trade partner platforms, making it easy for their clients to access roofing quotes as part of larger projects or purchases.

14. Customized Affiliate/Referral Program

Develop an affiliate program for local businesses, realtors, and influencers, offering them a commission for leads generated through their referrals.

15. Radio & TV Spots

Create radio and TV spots focusing on the convenience and trustworthiness aspect of getting an instant quote using real products. These are effective for reaching a broad audience quickly.



Data Analysis and Feedback Loop

Regularly analyze the data from these campaigns to understand which channels are giving the best ROI and tweak the strategies accordingly. Engage in customer feedback to constantly improve the software and marketing messages.