SumoQuote Integration: Send Your Roof Quote PRO™ Leads to SumoQuote through Zapier

Use Roof Quote PRO™ webhooks to create SumoQuote projects for new leads.


SumoQuote Account account
Zapier account (Starter tier or higher)
Roof Quote PRO™ active subscription


Automatically send your Roof Quote PRO™ lead data to your SumoQuote account through a simple webhook.

Before You Begin you'll need to complete the initial setup covered in this article:

How To Properly Set Up Webhooks Using Zapier

For Reference:  Webhooks Documentation


Step 1 - Connect your SumoQuote Account to Zapier

In your Zapier account, go to your My Apps
Click "Add connection"
Search for and click SumoQuote


A sign in window will popup
Signin to your SumoQuote account to authenticate the connection
If you are already signed in to SumoQuote, it may connect automatically

Heads Up!  SumoQuote projects created from the Zapier automation will assign the Salesperson as the user whose login was used to connect your SumoQuote account.

We suggest you use a sales manager or someone on your team responsible for assigning leads.  They will need to reassign projects from SumoQuote.

(Optional) Step 2 - Prevent creating duplicate SumoQuote Projects

If you wish to avoid creating duplicate SumoQuote Projects, first search your projects to check if your lead already exists and only create a project if it does not.
If you wish to skip this part, go to Step 2

1. Make sure you've completed the Initial Setup
2. Add an Action to your Zap before the "Create Project" Action
3. Search and select the SumoQuote as the App, then choose "Search Projects"
4. Confirm your SumoQuote Account and click continue
5. For Search Criteria, choose the Email field from the webhook data test lead
6. Leave Salesperson Email blank
7. Select Yes for Should this step be considered a "success" when nothing is found
8. Click Continue and test


9. Create another Action to your Zap just after the "Search Projects" Action
10. Search and select "Filter by Zapier" as the App and click Continue


11. In the Filter Setup under "Only continue if" complete all three fields:

  • For the first field, find the Search SumoQuote Projects section in the dropdown menu and select "Zap Search Was Found Status"
  • For the second field, select "(Text) Exactly Matches" in the dropdown menu
  • For the third field, type exactly "false"

12. Click Continue and Test


The test will show that if no project exists for the lead in SumoQuote, the Zap will continue to your next Action "Create Project"

Step 3 - Add an Action to your existing Zap to Create a Project 

Make sure you've completed the initial setup of creating a zap with a webhook trigger
Add an Action to your Zap
Find and select the SumoQuote as the App
Choose the event "Create Project"


Confirm your SumoQuote Account is selected and click Continue


Step 4 - Match data to your SumoQuote Project customer details

Fill in each customer contact property using the "Catch Hook in Webhooks by Zapier" data created during the initial setup

The following data is available from the RoofQuote PRO lead to match to your SumoQuote customer details:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email
  • Phone
  • Street Address
  • City
  • State
  • Zip

Optional - Enter a ProjectID, for example "Last Name-Zip"
Leave the other fields blank and click Continue

Reminder!  Salesperson as the user whose login was used to connect your SumoQuote account in Step 1. They will need to reassign projects from SumoQuote.


Step 5 - Test it out

Testing your SumoQuote Create Project Action will show you if it's been set up correctly.
Click the Test button
You should receive a success message saying "A Project was sent to SumoQuote"


Go to your SumoQuote account to check for the new Project you just created during the test


Congrats! You've Successfully Integrated Your SumoQuote Account 🎉