Chiirp Integration: Send Your Roof Quote PRO™ Leads to Chiirp through Zapier

Use Roof Quote PRO webhooks to create new leads or update existing leads in your Hubspot account


Chiirp account
Zapier account (Starter tier or higher)
Roof Quote PRO™ active subscription


Automatically send your Roof Quote PRO™ lead data to your Chiirp account through a simple webhook.

First complete the initial setup covered in this article:

How to properly set up Zapier integration using webhooks


Step 1 - Connect your Chiirp Account to Zapier

In your Zapier account, go to your My Apps and click "Add connection." Search for and click Chiirp.

Zapier Chiirp Connection

A sign in window will pop up - sign into your Chiirp account to authenticate the connection.

Step 2 - Add a Chiirp Action to your existing Zap

After you have completed the initial setup of creating a zap with a webhook trigger, you will add a Chiirp action and choose the event "Create or Update Contact" and click Continue.

Zapier Chiirp Action

Step 3 - Confirm Chiirp Account

Confirm your Chiirp Account is selected and click Continue.

Zapier Hubspot Account

Step 4 - Match data to your Chiirp Properties

Fill in each Chiirp contact property using the data from your test lead created during the webhook Trigger step in your initial setup. 

Phone Number is required
Ok to Send Text Messages = yes

Zapier Hubspot Data Matching


To simplify the process, add all of the Roof Quote Pro structure, products, and pricing data into a single custom field instead of creating individual custom fields for each piece of data. It is still recommended to match basic contact info to individual fields.


Zapier Hubspot RQP Data

The following data is available from the Roof Quote Pro lead to match to your Chiirp contact.

Contact Info

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email
  • Phone
  • Full Address
  • City
  • State
  • Zip
  • Market

Structure Info

  • Total Square Feet
    The final square feet total used to calculate the quote.
  • Structures Square Feet
    The final square feet after edits to roof shapes for every roof structure on the property, each structure sqft separated by a comma.
  • Structures Is Included
    true = included in quote, false = not included in quote, in the same order of the Structures Square Feet.
  • Structures Initial Square Feet
    The original square feet detected by Roof Quote Pro for every roof structure on the property, each structure separated by a comma.
  • Structures Slope
    The slope selected for each roof structure on the property.
    Slope Multipliers:
    Flat = 1.0
    Low = 1.055 (4/12 pitch)
    Medium = 1.16 (7/12 pitch)
    Steep = 1.305 (10/12 pitch)
  • Main Roof Total Square Feet
    The final square feet of the main roof after edits to it shape
  • Number of Structures
    The number of roof structures detected on the property including any added by user
  • Number of Structures Included
    The number of roof structures included in the quote
  • Structure Names
    The names of each structure detected on the property including any added by user

Product Info

  • Product Names
  • Products Price Info Total
  • Products Price Info Monthly
  • Products Price Info Price Per Square
  • Products Price Info Type (Basic Financing or Contractor Loan Pro)
  • Products Price Info Merchant Fee Avg (If using Contractor Loan Pro and merchant fee is factored in)

Conversion Info

  • External Url (which webpage the user converted on)
  • Session Id (unique value assigned to user session)

Step 5 - Test Action and Turn On Zap

Once you're finished matching the data to Chiirp property fields in step 4, continue to Test. Click the Test Action button to send your test contact data to your Chiirp account. After a successful test, turn your Zap on by clicking Publish or Publish Zap button.

Zapier Hubspot Publish Zap

Congratulations! You successful integrated Roof Quote Pro to your Chiirp account.