ProLine Integration: Send Your Roof Quote PRO™ Leads to ProLine Using Webhooks

Use Roof Quote PRO™ webhooks to connect your ProLine CRM


ProLine Account account
Roof Quote PRO™ active subscription
Admin user access


Automatically send your Roof Quote PRO™ lead data to your ProLine account through a simple webhook.


Step 1 - Login to ProLine and navigate to the Roof Quote PRO™ integration page

Step 2 - Copy the Roof Quote PRO webhook

Step 3 - Login to Roof Quote PRO and navigate to the webhooks tab of the developer page

Step 4 - Click the 'Edit' button on the bottom right of the webhooks page, make sure the webhook type is "Contact Form Completed", then paste the webhook in (). Click 'Save'

Step 5 - Return to ProLine and review the settings on the Roof Quote PRO integration page for new contacts and projects

  • Make sure you've selected your Roof Quote PRO speed-to-lead campaign in the "Contact Campaign" field. If needed, create one (follow this guide)

  • Select the stage where you want the projects to be added

  • Select desired Category, Type, Services, and Tags for new Projects from Roof Quote PRO

Step 6: Enable Integration in ProLine

  • Click the "Enable Integration" button at the bottom of the integration page

  • You will see a green checkmark in the upper right of the integration page if it is enabled