Eagleview Integration: Order Premium and Bid Perfect™ Measurement Reports With Roof Quote PRO™

Roof Quote PRO™ integrates with EagleView for streamlined detailed measurement reports with high-resolution imagery


Roof Quote PRO™ active subscription


Measurement Reports can be ordered manually from your Roof Quote PRO portal by any user or automatically from your website’s instant quote tool by the homeowner requesting a final proposal.

Connect Your EagleView Account(s)
Premium Reports
Bid Perfect Reports
Ordering Reports Manually
Ordering Reports Automatically
Completed Reports
Order Statuses and Multiple Orders

Initial Setup - Connecting your EagleView Account(s) can only be done by an account admin

Connect your EagleView Account(s)

In your Roof Quote PRO™ portal, go to the Developer tab and Integrations section
On the EagleView Integration card, click "Connect Account"
You'll be navigated to sign into your company's EagleView Account
If you don't already have an account, create one
After signing in, your account will be connected
If you're only connecting one account, all of your Roof Quote PRO™ markets will automatically be associated with that account


To connect multiple EagleView accounts, click "Add Account"
Choose the markets you'd like to connect to the additional EagleView account
Click "Apply" then click "Connect"
You'll be navigated again to sign into your company's additional EagleView Account
After signing in, your additional account will be connected

Report Pricing - You'll be charged for each completed report from the associated EagleView Account which it is ordered from.

Premium EagleView Reports

Premium Reports offer the highest resolution imagery with extremely precise and comprehensive building structure data.

For more details, check out the Premium Report Guide

Select which structures you'd like to order measurements for, including All Structures, Main Roof Structure, Main Roof + Detached Garage, Commercial Complex, or Other (Specify Instructions)


Select the delivery time, including Regular (3 business days), Express (1 business day), and Three Hour Delivery


Bid Perfect™ EagleView Reports

Bid Perfect™ reports offer fast delivery and a price that can support every job you bid, Bid Perfect™ helps you create quick estimates and close more jobs.

For more details, check out the Bid Perfect™ Report Guide

Select which structures you'd like to order measurements for, including All Structures, Main Roof Structure, Main Roof + Detached Garage, Commercial Complex, or Other (Specify Instructions)

Ordering Reports Manually

There are three places where you can order reports manually

1 - On your dashboard, click the three dots on the right for the lead you want to order a report, and click Order Measurement

2 - Click on a specific lead on your dashboard to pull up the lead details screen, then click on the Order Measurement button

3 - In Rep Quotes, if you’ve created a new lead or opened a quote from an existing lead, click the Order Measurement button that appears at the bottom of your screen

After clicking Order Measurement, you will see a popup
Choose your report (your previously selected report will be chosen by default)
Select which structures you want to include, and if needed add notes
For EagleView Premium Reports, choose the delivery time

Once all these options are complete, click 'Place Order' to order the detailed report

Ordering Reports Automatically

Measurement Reports can also be ordered automatically from your website’s Instant Quote tool after a homeowner gets their instant quote

In Settings, open your Additional Settings in the Feature dropdown
Turn On the toggle for 'Measurement Ordering with Get Final Proposal Button'


Choose which measurement report you’d like to order automatically
If required set the delivery time
(Optional) Choose a backup report that will be ordered if the primary report is unavailable Save your changes


Turning on automatic orders will change the call-to-action button on your product cards to say “Get Final Proposal”


If a homeowner clicks it, a measurement report will automatically be ordered

The thank you screen and their emailed instant quote will let them know you are working on their final proposal

Thank you screen preview


Instant Quote Email preview


Pro Tip: You can still change the call-to-action button and thank you screen message after turning on automatic orders.

Completed EagleView Reports

Once an order is complete, both Premium and Bid Perfect™ Reports will display all the primary measurement data from the report directly in your lead details screen

Click 'Download PDF' for the complete report
Click 'Download XML' for the XML format of the report


Order Statuses and Multiple Orders

After placing an order, you can track the status of your report completion from the dashboard and lead details screen


  • In Progress - The order has been placed successfully and is being worked on
  • Completed - The order is complete and report delivered
  • Failed - The order wasn't placed, try again
  • Declined - The order was not accepted, place a new order

If your order is declined, you will see a reason for the decline in your lead details screen under the measurement tab
Click 'Reorder Measurement' to make changes to the order details and try again

You can place multiple orders for each lead

For multiple orders, each have a tab in the lead details screen if they are different reports
If they are the same report, switch between reports using the dropdown showing the dates each report was ordered in the lead details screen under that report tab



With Detailed Measurements right within Roof Quote PRO™, your company can easily verify your lead’s property details and streamline your sales process!