Signing Up For Contractor Loan PRO™

Learn how to apply for access to Contractor Loan PRO and what to expect during the merchant application process


RoofQuote PRO™ active subscription
Admin user access
Company Owners are the applicants, but admins can apply on their behalf

Contractor Loan PRO™ is an embedded fintech solution
built by ROOFLE and powered by Momnt.

Support Line: 1-800-470-3871


To get access to Contractor Loan PRO, you must complete the merchant application process through your RoofQuote PRO portal even if your company is already a merchant with Momnt.

If your company already has a merchant account with Momnt, you must call the CLP Support Line to request transferring your existing account before reapplying.


This article walks through the merchant application process from start to finish so you know exactly what to expect when signing up.

Merchant Sign Up Form
Application Details
Merchant Onboarding
Payment Settings
Rate Sheet


To start, a company owner or authorized person must complete the merchant sign-up form
Login to your portalFinancing

Merchant Sign Up Form

Step 1: Complete the form and click Sign Up

Complete the required information and submit the Contractor Loan PRO signup form to initiate the full application process.

HEADS UP!  Use a mobile phone that you have immediate access to as you’ll need to enter a passcode to continue the onboarding process


Completed form preview 👇


HEADS UP:  Your company has 7 days to complete the remaining merchant application before it expires. To reset your expired application, contact the CLP Support Line.

Step 2: Check your email for a merchant onboard invitation

You’ll receive a Merchant Onboard Invitation email with an overview of the merchant application process. It will look like this:



Application Details

Once you are ready to apply, click ‘Begin Setup’

You’ll be directed to the application window

Step 3: Complete the Merchant Application

a. Click ‘Send Passcode to my Mobile Phone’ to send a verification passcode


Enter the code sent to your phone

If you are the sole owner or own at least 51% of the company, click Proceed To Next Step

Multiple Owners:  If you own less than 51% of the company, during the application you will need to provide the name, email address, residential address and Social Security Number for additional owner(s) totaling more than 51% ownership.


Enter owner(s) personal information:

  • Full name, phone number, personal email address, residential address
  • Social security number, date of birth, four digit security pin, ownership %


Enter your business information

  1. Type of home improvement projects
  2. Business legal name, business structure, federal tax ID / EIN, website URL
  3. Date business started, annual sales revenue, average ticket size

  4. Payment methods accepted, financing annual volume if applicable




Verify your information and submit


Merchant Approval is based on underwriting and will either be

  • instantly approved 
  • require manual review (typically approved in 24-48 hours, check your portal to continue)
  • not approved (you may contact 1-800-470-3871 to inquire if anything further can be done to get approval)

Merchant Onboarding

Step 4 - Once your company is approved, continue to the onboarding process

In order to activate your account, you will need to complete the following

  • set up your banking details where you’ll receive payments
  • saved your Rate Sheet (Base Package)
  • verify two Micro Deposits sent to your bank account
  • complete onboarding call with Momnt (they will contact you in 1-2 business days)

Payment Settings

Enter the zip code, name on check, bank account #, routing #, email address for your business's preferred bank account to receive funds from your customer's loans


Rate Sheet

Save your initial Rate Sheet base package

Base Package - this is the bundle of loans you will offer to homeowners who apply for financing and is required to complete before your account will be activated by Momnt. You’ll be able to change this later.

In order to offer loans that appeal to the range of buyers in the market, we highly recommend having at least one loan for each of the three consumer preferences:

  1. Promotional Motivated Customers - “I normally pay cash
  2. Interest Rate Sensitive Customers - “I won’t pay over X% interest rate
  3. Payment Sensitive Customers - “I can only pay $X per month

Each loan is color coded to display which consumer preferences it applies to

To learn more about loan products, refer to the Loan Products Guide



After saving your bank details, two micro deposits between 0.01 and 0.99 cents will be sent to your bank account. It may take up to 24 hours for these to appear in your bank account

In your portal, enter the micro deposit amounts in your payment settings tab and click Verify Account


Once you’ve confirmed the right amounts, your bank will show as set up to receive payments


CONGRATS!  You've completed all steps required to officially activate your account. 

Before you can start using Contractor Loan Pro, our finance partner (Momnt) will verify your application and contact you to offer basic training about the program.

While you await your onboarding call, you may adjust your saved rate sheet base package

To add loans to your base package, scroll down to the ‘All Loan Product Offerings’ section and click ‘Add to Base Package’ for any loan you’d like to include

To remove loans, click the three dots on the right side of the loan and select remove

Full Rate Sheet - All Loan Options



Now that your Contractor Loan PRO merchant account is all set up and activated, you can start offering financing right away.  Learn how to add Contractor Loan PRO in your instant quotes and/or as a quick pre-qualification button on your website, and how to send customers invitations to get pre-qualified.